Engraved Guitar Picks

A guitar pick or the plectrum is a small triangular piece of plastic which is quite a necessity among guitar accessories as it is used for plucking the strings on a guitar. Many guitarists usually use their fingers, but for beginners and those who want clarity in music, picks are very useful. These plectrums don’t have to be single colored and boring. They can be as colorful and unique as the swanky guitars they are used with. Nowadays with most of these accessories being personalized, the picks are also made to look unique and attractive. One of the most popular ideas is getting them engraved with symbols or shapes of any design.

Custom Guitar Picks

Just like guitars are available in every imaginable shape, guitar picks are also very unique and can be found in a variety of styles. Even though the shape of each pick is standard, there are many other alterations which can be done to make these picks look attractive and appealing to the buyer. They can also be personalized with names, signs, symbols, designs, and any other ideas which can be treasured as a memory. The most valued of these are the personalized picks with special inscriptions.

These engraved picks are also made with various materials like wood, glass, metal, and stone. Some of them are usually just kept as souvenirs and are not used for playing.

Metal Picks
There are many variations in metal picks. Since not many people like to spend a lot on these picks, the most popularly used metal guitar picks are made from steel. Steel is cheaper and can be easily engraved.

A lot of people get their names, pictures, or other designs engraved on these picks. Steel picks can also be worn as pendants. These picks are usually not used to pluck strings, as they are heavy and can damage the guitar. There are silver picks which are also popularly used as jewelry. They make great personalized gifts for friends.

Non-Metal Picks
Most plectrums are made from plastic, but plastic can’t be engraved easily. This is where materials like glass and wood are used to make custom engraved picks. Because they are delicate and slightly more expensive than metal picks, they are not very popular, but they are something people like to invest in as personalized souvenirs. There are some particular types of glass picks usually used by jazz musicians to play the ukulele, these are very rare.

Wooden picks are considered to be more exotic than glass, they are one of a kind and surely a treasure. Wood is known to be a very classy material which sets a signature statement. The type of wood used in making these guitar picks are Cocobolo, African Blackwood, Lignum vitae, Bocote, Zebrawood, and Rosewood. Only the hardest wood is used for strumming as it brings out a very different sound from the strings. They are engraved with unique designs and can be used as gifts.

Best Distortion Pedal

In the world of advanced guitar playing, using pedals and guitar effects processors is a standard. If you are adept at playing the electric guitar, and want to move further in the skill. One of the initial steps is to play using guitar effects. Guitar effects can be created from either individual stompboxes or effects processors. Distortion is the most used effect in advanced electric guitar playing. If you are thinking about the most appropriate distortion pedal, you need to consider few important things which have been discussed in the following.

Best Distortion Pedals

Those searching for distortion pedals should take in mind that stompboxes vary in types of tones, distortions, and brands. This usually creates a lot of confusion among guitar players. Good distortion pedals are manufactured by brands such as Boss, DigiTech, Ibanez, Rocktron, TC Electronic, and many others. Choosing distortion pedals largely depends on the type of music you are going to play. There are pedals that differ according to the intensity of distortion and overdrive levels as well. In the following, you will get to know about some good distortion pedals in musical instrument stores.

Vox Joe Satriani Satchurator Distortion
Those who love Joe Satriani’s signature tone, can go in for this model of distortion pedal from Vox. This pedal has been made with a collaboration of Joe Satriani and Vox. The Satchurator pedal has quite high gain levels, yet the distortion tone sounds very smooth. You may have to pay around $130 to get this signature distortion pedal.

Boss MT-2: Metal Zone
Boss is the operating arm of Roland corporation and focuses on the guitar and effects requirements of musicians. Its ‘MT-2 Metal Zone’ distortion pedal creates the best heavy sound for heavy metal music. It mainly has super-long sustain and sounds like a stack of overdriven guitar amplifiers. It is probably one of the best-selling pedals from the manufacturer.

DigiTech DF-7 Distortion Factory
The ‘DF-7 Distortion Factory’ from DigiTech is the best bet for guitarists who need a wide range of distortion effects in a single stompbox. Along with tones similar to seven distortion pedals from other brands, it also consists of an EQ control. It’s also durable enough to handle pressure in rough touring conditions. The manufacturer offers this pedal at around $100.

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
This one from Ibanez is rated the top distortion pedal for tube amps. The sound of this pedal can be heard in the guitaring of musicians such as Eric Johnson, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Kirk Hammett. It has a solid tubelike distortion and a fatter tone; just what distortion enthusiasts need. The street price of the Tube Screamer is believed to be about $100.

Boss DS-1
Like the ‘MT-2′ from Boss, this is also claimed to be one of the best-selling pedals of all time. Popular artists who have used this pedal are Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Kurt Cobain. This is even a suitable pedal for those who want to start experimenting with distortion sounds. Be it soft rock or heavy metal music, the DS-1 surely gives you the expected sound. The price of this popular pedal comes around just $40.

These are only a few of the best distortion pedals. There are many others from these brands and other manufacturers as well. Other good ones are DigiTech Screamin’ Blues Overdrive/Distortion, Vox Joe Satriani Ice 9 overdrive pedal, DigiTech Metal Master, Boss DS-2: Turbo Distortion, Danelectro Fab Tone Distortion, just to name a few. There is a lot of confusion as to which pedal is the best. Therefore, the best way is to go to the musical instrument shop, try out distortion pedals yourself, and then select ones with the appropriate tones you prefer. If you are thinking of a good distortion pedal for bass guitar, you can go in for the Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive.

How to Tune a Guitar Online

If you are a beginner and are still not used to tuning your guitar by the ear, then the facility of tuning your guitar online is just the right thing for you. Many websites dedicated to guitar basics and techniques also give information on how to tune it, and support their information with different kinds of online guitar tuners. Worrying about which guitar tuner would be the best is not a concern as all of them create the same sound. For example, the sound ‘E’ will be exactly the same on all guitar tuning websites.

Depending on the way in which they help a user tune their guitar, there are two types of tuners. The first one actually takes in the string’s sound frequency as an input, and displays the result on the screen. It tells you whether you need to tune the strings to a higher or lower pitch. To send sound frequencies as input to the tuner, the guitar needs to be first connected to the computer through a special cable. The tuner acts as a virtual graphical guitar tuner, which allows a user to virtually tune the guitar. Since very few authentic websites with this facility are present on the Internet, not many users are aware of it.

The other type of tuner is that which is found on most of the guitar tuning websites. Here, the guitar doesn’t have to be connected to the computer for tuning. Just switch on the speakers connected to the computer, click on any one of the displayed strings on the monitor, listen to the sound being played from the speakers, and then tune the same string on your guitar according to the sound. This method certainly enhances the listening skills of the guitarist.

Online guitar tuners have other functions as well, such as a metronome which provides an accurate tempo. A strum feature, which includes a continuous sound loop of all tuned strings, is another facility. The user just has to press a button on the screen and the loop starts. He doesn’t even need to click on every string individually, to check the tuning. These tuners also allow users to choose a type of sound, like a sound from either a guitar or a piano. They even have shortcut keys to perform functions. If the user has to play the 1st ‘E’ string on the monitor, he simply needs to press the ‘1’ button on the keyboard. Other facilities include drop tuning, and a delay or sustain switch which prolongs the sound produced. Such features allow the user to use the online tuner more efficiently.

To be able to use an online tuner, having a musical ear is the basic, underlying condition. This is important as it helps you determine the difference between a high-pitched note and a low-pitched one. If you don’t have this basic musical sense, you may end up with either detuned or broken strings. Using it is not recommended if you are preparing for a gig, as you would also need to be in tune with your fellow musicians.

Buying a suitable guitar might be easy, but tuning it according to one’s needs is the important part. This free online guitar tuning facility has certainly proven to be very useful for beginners in guitar playing. So go ahead and get that guitar tuned, and play some great music for all to hear.

Types of Spanish Music

Spanish music, over the centuries, has been heavily influenced by French, German, and Moorish cultures. All these cultures have left their indelible mark on Spanish music. Guitar and flamenco are words which instantly conjure up in our minds when we think of music from Spain. But there’s much more to Spanish music than just this. Western classical music has been deeply impacted by Spanish music. The Renaissance period from 15th to 17th century saw a great many Spanish composers traveling all over Europe, especially Italy, and returning to Spain to spread their skills, armed with superior musical knowledge. The most notable among early Spanish composers was Tomas Luis de Victoria. The Baroque era saw the evolution of zarzuela, a form of light opera, which became immensely popular in the 18th century.

Spanish Music by Region

Every region in Spain has its own distinct genre and instruments. Let us see in detail the musical styles originating from the various regions of Spain.

Galicia, Asturias, and Cantabria
These regions lie in northwest Spain and the music is full of Celtic influence, since the Celts settled here as early as 1000 BC. Everything from the instruments, the rhythms, and the melody has a distinctly Celtic feel. Traditionally, people in this region use the gaita (bagpipe), more commonly in Galicia and Asturias. Tamboril, a percussion instrument, which is similar to a snare drum, accompanies the gaita. These instruments are used in marches and processions. The different types of songs played using the gaita include the muineira, carballesa, redonda, ribeirana, chouteira, and contapaso. Galician music essentially features the use of various harps, flutes, and fiddles. The most popular Galician form of music has to be the alalas. These chants, which were popular even in ancient times are melancholic in nature. As opposed to alala, pandeirada and foliada are swift, joyful songs and are often played at public gatherings.

Andalusia is synonymous with flamenco, arguably the most popular form of Spanish music and dance all over the world. Flamenco originated from the Andalusian gypsies. The guitar is the most important instrument used in flamenco. Cante jondo and cante chico are the most popular type of flamenco songs. Cante jondo, popular in eastern Andalusia, is usually sung by one singer. It is replete with sad lyrics, with the main themes being death and unrequited love. Cante chico, on the other hand, is a lot more catchy, since it has a quick, dance-oriented beat. Other popular styles include the sevillana and siguiriyas. As the name suggests, sevillana originates from Seville and is a kind of folk music. It has a lively, feel-good quality and its themes center around rural life, mainly maidens, love, and pilgrimage. Siguiriyas pertains to the cante jondo category and is noteworthy for its rich, colorful style.

Catalonia is most popular for its traditional music, cobla, which accompanies a dance style known as sardana. Cobla involves the use of clarinets, and other folk instruments including tambori and tenora. Other types of musical genres include the rumba catalana, which has been developed by the Catalonian gypsies. It owes its origin to the Afro-Cuban styles that were popular around the late 19th century. Another world-famous music is the havaneres, which is sung at parties and special occasions. The story goes that havaneres were introduced into Spain by sailors, and hence this genre is more widespread in the coastal regions along the northeast of the country.

Castile, Madrid, and Leon
These regions, occupying central Spain, have been heavily influenced by Jewish, Moorish, Celtic, French, Visigothic, and Portuguese music styles. Jota, a style originating from Aragon has a slow tempo. The most common musical instruments in use are shawm and tabor pipe. Tuna is a popular type of serenade, played by students, and originates from the city of Salamanca. Guitar, bandurria, and tambourine are traditionally used to play the tuna. Chotis, both a type of music and dance form, thrives in Madrid.

The Basque country has a long musical history, and the Basques are well-known for their songs, especially their choirs. Txitsu, txalaparta, and alboka are traditional instruments native to Basque music. Txitsu is a kind of flute that emits a shrill sound, and is typically played with one hand. The txalaparta is a percussion instrument with wooden boards and sticks, while the alboka is in the shape of a horn. The music associated with trikitixa, a dance genre, is another very popular form of Basque music.

The most famous music style originating from Aragon is the jota. It is played using the guitar, bandurria, tambourine, and castanet, accompanied by singing. Characterized by repetitive drum beats, Aragonese music is influenced by the Berbers who lived in Northern Africa. Jota is often accompanied by dances and is rhythmic, with a fast tempo, as compared to its Castilian counterpart. Albadas and rondas make up the other genres of traditional Aragonese music. A popular instrument used in Aragonese music is the guitarro, a small kind of guitar. Others include gaita de boto, a type of bagpipe, and chiflo, a kind of tabor pipe.

Navarre and La Rioja
Geographically close to the Basque region and Aragon, these regions share musical characteristics of both these areas. The shawm is a popular musical instrument, whereas public processions make use of the dulzaina and the txitsu.

Murcia was once colonized by the Moors, hence the music also reflects Moorish influence. This dry region borrows heavily from Andalusian music. Cante jondo, played using the guitar, is as popular here as it is in Andalusia. Rondallas are plucked-string instruments especially popular in Murcia. Auroras are songs sung in churches, often unaccompanied by any musical instrument, other than the ringing of church bells. During festivals such as Christmas, people sing cuadrillas, which are often accompanied by a dance.

The music of Valencia is distinctly Mediterranean. Bandes, which are groups of musicians playing various brass instruments, are commonly found performing all over, even in small towns. The havaneres are popular along the Valencian ports, and religious and work songs, sung accompanied by musical instruments are well-known in Valencia. Other types of music genres popular nowadays include techno, Valencian rock, and Ska music, which is Jamaican in origin.

The music of Extremadura is heavily inspired by neighboring Portugal. Tabor pipe is the most widely used musical instrument, and the jota is also popular, and is played using castanets, guitars, tambourines, zambombas, and triangles. Extremadura is popular for different songs, like de ronda, de bodas, de quintos, and de Nochebuena.

Balearic Islands
Jota is the traditional form of music found in this region, has a slow tempo, and is often accompanied by rattles. Musicians gather together to play the colla de xeremiers, the traditional musical style.

Canary Islands
Latin American influence prevails over the music of the Canary Islands. A variant of jota, known as isa, is practiced here. The use of timple guitar and charanga is widespread. Carnivals are popular in this area, and the music for them is lively and produced using brass instruments.

Contemporary Spanish Music

Spanish Rock
Madrid, Barcelona, and the Basque country dominate the rock scene in Spain. The Basque country produces its own style of punk-rock music. The rock music in Basque originated in retaliation to the oppressive regime of Francisco Franco, and the music reflected the struggles the people had faced over the years. It reached its zenith during the 1980s.

Spanish Jazz
Jazz is Spain was heavily influenced by Americans. The regime of Francisco Franco saw a decline in the popularity of jazz, but after his reign ended, the jazz scene returned with a bang. The folk music of Galicia and Catalonia has a deep impact on Spanish jazz. Live jazz festivals are very popular in the country, and crowds throng to attend them. Jazz clubs abound in Spain. Some of the well-known jazz festivals are Festival de Jazz de Vitoria, Festival de Jazz de San Sebastian, and Festival de Jazz de Terrassa.

Spanish Pop
This genre of music, which was repressed under Francisco Franco’s dictatorial rule, witnessed a boom in the early 1980s, and continues to prosper. Deeply influenced by British and American pop music, contemporary Spanish pop is an amalgamation of various genres, including rock, punk rock, reggae, blues, etc. The industry has also produced several artists who tasted international success, the most famous being the father-son duo of Julio and Enrique Iglesias.

With an intense variation in style and form, traditional Spanish music has evolved and even seamlessly blended well with modern genres like pop and hip hop. You now know that music and dance is an integral part of Spanish culture, so if you ever visit Spain, enjoy and soak in the rich, beautiful music that’s certain to leave you spellbound.

How To Host An Unforgettable Backyard Outdoor Movie Night

Have you ever wanted to re-live the experience of a summer night spent at a drive-in movie? A backyard movie event is the perfect chance to enjoy a movie under the stars with friends and family, without even needing to leave the comfort of your own yard. Here is how to create an unforgettable movie event in your own backyard.

What type of event do you want to host? A date night to celebrate an Anniversary, a neighborhood block party, a birthday, family reunion or graduation are just a few occasions you can celebrate with a backyard movie night. A regular family film night can even be made extra special by making it into a backyard movie night with an inflatable movie screen.

Pick the Movie
Once you decide on the type of event you want to host and the guest list, you can choose an appropriate film. If you are celebrating a birthday or graduation, let the honoree choose the movie. For a romantic date night, choose a favorite romantic film. If you are having kids at your backyard movie night, be sure to choose a family friendly movie.

Once you have decided on a motion-picture, it is time to make a budget and get in contact with a local outdoor movie production company. Many audio / visual production companies work with a wide variety of clients; from individuals who wish to host a small event at their home, to clients who need huge inflatable movie screens to accommodate thousands of guests.

The outdoor cinema production company you choose should have a screen size just right for your backyard flick night. The company should also be able to provide you with a projector and sound equipment to make your movie night an unforgettable, stress free experience much like a drive-in movie or movie theatre.

It’s not movie night without food. You have several options here. You might make your movie night a potluck and ask everyone to bring a favorite movie snack to share, or you might provide snacks or a light meal like popcorn, hot dogs or movie theatre style candy. To really get the drive-in movie experience, you might even consider renting concession equipment like a popcorn or hot dog machine. You could keep the snacks simple or have a little more fun with it. Consider themed snacks to go with your film; chocolate to go with “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or a meatball appetizer with “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”.

Set the Scene
Decorating and setting up your yard are other areas you can have some fun. Use lighting like Tiki torches or even Christmas lights to set a pretty scene and make it safer for guests to walk around in the dark. Consider heading to a local party store or putting your craft skills to good use and setting up themed decorations to compliment your movie. Lanterns, for example, would add an extra special touch to a “Tangled” backyard movie night. If you have a pool, a poolside movie is just right for a hot summer night. You might host a late afternoon pool party and barbeque, followed by a relaxing poolside movie night.

There are several ways to set up the seating for your movie night. For kids, blankets or bean bags are a fun choice. Adults might prefer chairs or comfortable cushions. If you do not have enough chairs for all of your guests, you could either rent chairs or ask guests to bring a favorite chair. Consider low chairs like beach chairs so that everyone can see the movie.

Whatever the size, theme or reason for your backyard movie night; taking the time to carefully plan the details, decorate and choose the perfect movie will help ensure your movie night is one that will leave you and your guests with special memories.

How to Select a Great Movie to Watch

Sometimes you just feel like a girls’ or a blokes’ night in, and so comes the question of how to select a great movie to watch. My friend Sam always told us that a group of three people should never go into a DVD rental store at the same time, because you’ll end up being there for hours and never really decide on which movies to hire.

When we’re selecting movies, we never go for the latest releases, because you pay a premium rate for movies that are new to the DVD shelves.

If you always select the movies that have been around for a while, then guess what? You have your own selection of “new” movies to choose from after a few months sincehat time the latest releases are down graded to recent releases at a discounted price. Not only do you save yourself some money, but you’ve also got a much better chance of having the “pick of the bunch” of the recent releases.

Here’s a list of things to help you decide how to select a great movie to watch:

1. Selection by a theme

Whether it’s a blokes night or a chicks night, you can decide a theme. Some great chick flicks include the “Bonnet Movies” the genre of Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice”, “Emma” and so on.

For the blokes you may select the “X-Men” series, James Bond or such like.

2. Selection by Actor or Actress

Often we’ll sit and watch a bunch of Russell Crowe or Nicole Kidman movies, you may have some favorite actors and actresses that will help you in your choice of movies to watch.

3. Selection by Genre

There’s some great movies to motivate young sports players, such as Basketball, Baseball, or Grid Iron movies. You may be a fan of horror movies, romantic comedies, or action thrillers.

4. True Stories

They say that there’s nothing stranger than real life, and when Hollywood screen writers are looking at new ideas for movie storylines, they often turn to taking historical events and making some great movies.

Within the category of true stories you still have a wonderful selection of movies to watch about sporting heroes, national heroes, and even ordinary folk that have done some extraordinary things.

5. Selection by ratings

When selecting a great movie to watch, you need to consider the audience, as this can help with your decision making. If you are choosing movies for a bunch of young children then it’s generally a good idea to have watched those movies yourself first, so that you don’t have any surprises that could shock or scare the children.

6. Choosing a Foreign Language Movie

Whilst there’s a whole heap of great English Language movies, there’s also some fantastic foreign language movies that deserve your attention.

Do not be afraid to consider foreign films just because they have subtitles. After the first few minutes of watching a foreign movie and reading the subtitles you soon get drawn into the movie and almost “forget” that you are not listening to English.

7. Word of Mouth

We’ve never really found that personal referrals of movie titles from our friends have been of much benefit. Everybody has different tastes, and just because one person doesn’t like a particular movie doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not enjoy it.

This is often true with media movie critics. We’ve all heard stories about movies that have been slammed by the critics only to become box office successes.

There’s plenty of other ways to decide how to select a great movie to watch that include watching the previews or movie trailers, as well as watching movie review shows on TV and the internet.

The best thing about selecting a great movie is that there’s so much choice and so many opinions these days. As each year passes more movies are released and there’s still many of the good old favorites around, so sit back, relax and disappear into your own movie world, having made your own selection of great movies to watch.

How to Help Your Child Break Into Showbiz

So you’ve been told your child is a natural performer, but how do you get from compliments to credits? While the entertainment business is a tough one to break into, there are a few initial steps towards employing your child’s creativity which you can take long before you start seeking representation.

Step One – Be Honest. Every parent is probably a little biased about their own child’s talents and looks, but showbiz isn’t for everyone. Taking an unbiased look at your child to find out if s/he has what it takes is possible. Just remember that the more honest you are with yourself about his/her current abilities, the more likely s/he is to succeed in the long run. Children In Film offers an online assessment quiz in their KidStart program.

Step Two – Get Organized. Organization is extremely important in your path to success. Balancing your child’s career and schoolwork along with the regular demands of having a family and a life of your own is a challenge. Getting organized involves having a cell phone with voicemail, setting up a post office box or permanent address and keeping a detailed datebook or PDA Scheduler. There are also important records and documents you must obtain such as work permits and blocked trust accounts.

Step Three – Take Photos. Photographs are the most important tool for you child’s success. If your child is five or under, or if you’re just beginning to shop for agents, snapshots are suitable. All too often people spend money on professional headshots before acquiring an agent and then have to have them redone at the request of the agent.

Step Four – Take Classes. Enrolling your child in acting classes, workshops and other specialty classes like dance or voice is an excellent way to prepare them for future auditions and roles. Classes are also a great place to network and gain exposure. But remember this: a class is a service you pay for in order to improve your child’s skills. It is not a guarantee of work, representation or immediate success. Going to school does not guarantee that you’ll get into the best college; it’s just a good start.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to build a resume and seek representation.

Computer Generated Imagery Is Becoming Invincible in the Showbiz Industry

When 3D computer graphics are applied to the field of special effects, it is known as Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and nowadays, these are being used expansively for films as well as television programs, be it a commercial or a news slot and apart from that, it has also found use in the print media. Computer graphics running on real time are more often than not applied on video games but they are not referred to as CGI too often. However, there are some video games that ‘cut scenes’ that are pre-rendered included in them as well as intro movies that surely require the application of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

The most widespread use of CGI is in the field of special effects, rather visual effects because with the use of CGI, the quality that can be obtained is far higher and better than any other process and apart from that, the visual effects are far more controllable than any process that are physical in nature. Many other processes would require hiring extras who would be acting in the crowd scenes and apart from that, sometimes the construction of miniature sets are also required and these are very time consuming and costs more money as well. The advantage that has made Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) so much superior than most other processes is the fact that it allows the user to create or generate images of different kinds that would otherwise be impossible with any other process or technology and apart from that, CGI is also very time saving as well and these factors contribute to the popularity of this technology.

This technology is so superior that it will enable only one single artist to produce huge amounts of content and that too in a very short time without even using actors, without building sets that are too expensive or other props. Nowadays, the software for Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is widely available in the markets and along with that, the increased speeds of computers enable a single artist or even a company that is very small to be able to produce films and games as well as art and that too from the comfort of their homes that can compete with Grade A material from the big production houses.

Thus, with the influx of CGI, the quality of movies, video games and things like that are getting very superior.

Finding The Right Music Act To Suit Your Individual Style

Weddings are no longer a formulaic tradition, following a set pattern of service and reception. Increasingly couples want their special day to reflect their personalities and highlight important events in their relationship so far or exciting times they have shared with the various guests attending. This can be shown in choices of table names, a photo board at the entrance to the reception, a colour scheme carried through in bridesmaid dresses, flowers and decorations or a theme that influences the cake design and wedding stationery. How can couples carry this individual theme through to the wedding entertainment so that every aspect of their day is unique to them? Let’s take a look at some of the wedding themes and styles that couples opt for today and explore the options open to them when choosing music to provide the background atmosphere and make sure their guests have a good time.

Starting with a ‘traditional’ wedding theme, the ceremony would perhaps take place in a local church accompanied by an organ and wedding bells or maybe a civil ceremony in the stately home where the reception is to be held with a harpist to create the appropriate formal mood as guests arrive and during ceremony. The same harpist or perhaps a string quartet could carry on the same formal yet relaxed atmosphere during the meal, with a livelier swing band for the evening entertainment.

For a couple wishing to give a slightly quirkier impression the same wedding service and venue would seem more contemporary with an acoustic guitarist during the service and reception and an indie band for the evening entertainment. In this way, everyone’s tastes can be catered for. Parents and grandparents will be more than happy with the formal surroundings and the music will suit the couple’s friends. For a similar compromise a traditional wedding breakfast could be teamed with a quirky evening buffet of takeaway-style food.

A couple who have enjoyed lots of travelling may wish to reflect that in a summer wedding. To keep costs down and therefore save money to put towards more travelling for the honeymoon, a service at a local church and a reception in the village hall would suit their needs. The hall could be decorated with fairy lights strung across the ceiling and plenty of candles in tealight holders and lanterns on the tables. A Caribbean-themed barbeque for the meal accompanied by a flamenco guitarist or tin band, with a soul band for the evening entertainment would get everyone in the summer vibe.

Some couples may like to opt for an alternative time of year to the popular summer wedding and could choose a winter wedding in a gothic castle with a red colour scheme picked out in flowers and decorations and cloaks for the bride and her attendants for a theatrical feel. Wedding entertainment to suit such a dramatic setting could include a harpist or string quartet for the service and reception, whilst a quirky live karaoke band would encourage guests to take centre-stage in the evening entertainment.

For couples who have an affinity with the coast imagine a beach or under-the-sea themed wedding with an accordionist playing sea shanty-inspired music for the service on a windswept beach and at the reception. For the evening entertainment a ceilidh band would get everyone on their feet. Beautiful sea blues and greens for the bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, stationery and decorations, with fish and chips in newspaper cones for an evening buffet and a mermaid and merman atop the wedding cake would complete the theme.

The Value of Corporate Entertainment

Providing value to clients and employees is not only limited to the accordance of financial and economic benefits, simple things or forms like corporate entertainment are great alternatives or complements. Contrary to conventions, such efforts may not only be used during corporate shows and big events but on almost all gatherings as well like regular sales meetings, corporate team buildings, seminars, trade shows, etc. There are a number of benefits when entertainment is induced in every corporate event, but the most pressing ones include the following.

Generate additional sales

Aside from the usual volume of sales generated through regular marketing efforts, product presentations and trade shows coupled with effective corporate entertainment can lure additional sets of clients or customers. Boring product or service presentations will surely be ignored in trade shows; on the other hand, an eye-catching comedy magician may have a livelier alternative in terms of presenting a product or service. In sales and marketing, drawing/calling attention from prospective clients and customers is the first step in closing a sale.

Improving relationships with clients and employees

Business matters are not totally serious matters. This is what successful and dynamic executives have proven recently, deviating from strict business conventions may eventually pay-off. Corporate entertainment may serve as a bridge between the company and a seemingly aloft and hard client. One valuable tip to gain the side or interest of a client is to touch or target his personal side. Targeting a client’s soft personal side most often would direct you to his or her childish or candid side. For example, if one of your corporate client’s business is about toys and gaming, light personal conversations concerning toys during a sales meeting will surely help.

Not only does a corporate entertainer helpful in improving relationships with clients but with employees as well. Aside from the monetary benefits that are regularly given to them, making each gathering or convention light, fun, and memorable would project a more “pro-employee” wellness commitment of any business or administration.

Enhances productivity and promotes learning

Psychologists and experts will prove that pure talk, technical, or “monotone” seminars and conferences are one of the most boring parts of a job, even if these events are held during trips or elsewhere. The average attention span of all individuals, even intellectuals are very short lasting for only a couple of minutes. If the conference or seminar speaker doesn’t recognize this fact and fails to induce lively corporate entertainment throughout the entire presentation, not much of the essential points are learned by the audience. Often times, the best way to teach is to deliver the lessons in a fun, unique, or memorable way.

Productivity may eventually come as a result of the improved working condition of employees in terms of making their stay in the company more fun and dynamic; That employees do not only carry the burden and work load, but also share with executives some congenial light moments.

Leaving a trade mark

With today’s very competitive business environment, even the smallest leverage that any business can have is an opportunity that needs to be seized. One important sales and marketing objective is customer service. And customer service is no longer limited to satisfying the needs of clients or customers, but it has now evolved and includes the ability of a business to offer additional benefits or be distinct and unique from its competitors, hence, corporate entertainment may set a product, service, or even the entire company above the competition.