Instructions for Aspiring Dancers

I am, one of the few people who are not quite talented at dancing. I can’t deny it’s rooted within my family bloodline that we don’t dance that well. Maybe we all dance but not everyone looks good at it. I love to watch people dance, it’s very enticing to the eyes to see good dance performances. Here’s the low down for aspiring dancers like me. Learn to dance in these simple tricks I asked from a few friends who are good dancers.

1. One Step At A Time.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with as single step. Let’s step up for the challenge and break out from our shells. My friend told me once that when she was still a child at three, it was really her dream to become a ballerina. She played her doll and taught it how to dance and now, she’s teaching actual human beings how to dance ballet. She said it was more of a passion rather than just a profession. Imagine, at a very fragile age, she already had a great big dream and she pursued it. At that age, she can barely jump and run but she took little baby steps, one step at a time. She was falling every now and then but never gave up. It will take a lot of guts to rise every time you fall but each step you take will bring you closer to being a good dancer.

2. Practice, Practice And More Practice.
If practice makes perfect then perfection is what we aim for. A lot of people never really had that inborn talent to dance but still, they tried. When you see your brothers and sisters dancing hilariously, don’t think of becoming one of them. You can break the curse of lack of talent and convert it to potentials. You must be in control and learn to practice more. Repetition is one key to earn mastery in steps. It’s not about redundancy when you repeat things; it’s how you do it and how you perfect each step.
So schedule a practice time everyday. Learn to dance by practicing well.

3. Invite Fiends Over.
Your mom and dad can’t really understand why you love street dancing; try to confide in your friends instead. Ask them over at your place and find out what they think about your dance moves. It’s wise to ask other’s opinions first specially if you’re still a beginner. We can’t see the world through a mirror; what’s right for us might not be right for others. When you hear them out, you’ll discover your strengths and points of improvements. That way, your aims are more focused and realistic.

4. Don’t Go Overboard.
Trying too hard beyond your abilities would really make a fool of yourself. For starters, it’s not good for you to jump on difficult dances. Instead of trying to be Michael Jackson, try first to imitate your favorite local dancer. Learning is a ladder process. You can’t just skip steps in order to get what you want. Examine your level of ability first and weigh down more rational options.

5. Have A Healthy Body.
That phrase above is really much abused these days but still much related to dancing. If you’re 5’6″ but weighs 200 pounds, instead of trying to make a cartwheel, you’ll look like a bowling ball. For beginners and experts alike, a healthy body is a must to dance well. Eat a balanced diet and do some cardio workout like a 30-minute jog every morning.
These simple tricks did me well and I’m on my way to enjoying dances each chance I get. I hope you’ll not give up just yet, not ever. It’s always nice to try and let’s see what you got. Learn to dance now and be yourself in many ways.