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Ancient and Modern Graphic Designs

Graphics are the production of visual statements on certain surfaces which may include canvas, paper, walls or pottery amongst others. Sign creations, logos, drawings, symbols, graphs and different forms of geometric designs are all forms of graphics. Coined from the Greek word “Graphikos,” graphics are used in different forms of electronic or print media to represent certain ideas. Graphic design refers to the art of combining different forms of graphics such as texts and pictures in publications, ads and websites. The whole history of art is not complete without the mention of graphic design.

Graphic designs have been used since the medieval era and ancient cultures such as those of Egypt, Greece, France and Australia used graphic art to communicate or record history. Ancient forms of writing and drawing such as those seen in ancient caves and the great Egyptian pyramids form the foundation of graphic art. Graphic art was also illustrated in classical books such as those seen in the gospel books of insular art which depict the animal style of the barbarian peoples of northern Europe.

Modern graphical art was arguably started by William Morris who is considered to be the father of modern graphics. Many graphic designs were produced in his Kelmscott press in the late 19th century and he soon became known for his creativity in this form of art. William Morris together with three other notable artists formed the pre- Raphaelites group and their ideas greatly influenced what is regarded as modern graphic design today.

The advent of computers signaled a new era of graphic design which employed the use of digital techniques and creative styles which can be seen in posters and logos today. Many computer software programs such as Photoshop, Corel draw and windows have been developed with different specialized functions available. Visual artists can produce different designs using computer software without necessarily writing or drawing with a pencil or paintbrush.

Modern designs are used in different print media for advertisements and promotions to pass on a message by a firm or company to a wide range of customers. The famous logo of a renowned soft drink company created by Frank Mason Robinson in 1885 and the Google logo created by Ruth Kedar are forms of graphic designs which are trademarks of companies. Graphic designs are also used on websites to create a visually appealing web page that will attract visitors and prospective customers. Let’s get started and experience some main stream graphical art now!

Graphic Tips for an Editor’s Digital Portfolio

Now that most people have switched to the cyber highway, emailing a digital portfolio makes perfect sense. Even the print media and art galleries have gone electronic with the changing times. Sending work via email is acceptable. Since nothing is printed on paper, it is also a great way to save the environment. What’s more, visually it helps the client to understand the level of graphic designing the professional is capable of handling. When a client understands the creativity of the designer, it is easier to trust him with a photo-editing job.

So what is the best way to prepare the digital portfolio?

Photoshop software is an excellent medium to develop an attractive resume. A good way to begin will be use the right images with optimum sizes-i.e

Width: 1600 pixels

Height: 2000 pixels

Resolution: 200 (images)

Background Color: White (or any other tone)

Whatever stage of his career, the editor should focus on quality of work rather than quantity. It simply means there is no need to introduce to the client projects done in the sophomore years (unless they are praiseworthy and have won awards). Varied kinds of editing services should be showcased. Then the client is secure in hiring an editor who can make use of many services for photo editing. Making the digital portfolio work is the next stage. Make it impressive enough with images and reading material. An interactive resume allows room for more clarity. Hence use of multimedia templates can be equally useful. While the soft copy can be emailed, hard copies of actual brochure designs or catalogues can be sent to get the ‘real feel’. It is quite all right to even do a sample page for the client to gain confidence once he takes interest in the digital portfolio the graphic creative should be simple for others to understand. A complex design may drive away a potential customer.

There are two ways to make the online portfolio work. It can be done through CD or an elaborate slide presentation. Both involve putting together images, bio, and creating graphics. Showcasing skills in a presentation of maximum ten minutes can help anyone to decide if the editor will be able to do the job. Many graphic editing firm’s employ only certified editors whose resumes reflect the skills. Another fabulous tip is to have a website. This also is considered a prime portfolio. Easy navigation and simple graphic design is a positive sign to get online clients from anywhere in the world. Educating the potential customer about the editing services is essential and easy text helps. It helps to understand to what degree, an editor’s services can be used.

Lastly, no matter how busy the editor is he should update his digital portfolio. New techniques can be added and old designs removed. Keeping abreast of new ways of showcasing skills bring a wide variety of clients. So review the work at regular intervals and make additions to it. It is much easier now to have a professional edge.

Benefits of Technology in Graphic Art and Designing

How interesting it is that being a graphic designer you can give a visual aspect to your imagination. For being a good designer, artists need to have good knowledge of visual arts, text font and types, colors, objects, theme of the design, etc. And when the technology is doing well for all, why graphic designers remain away from its benefits? Graphic art is a domain where the designer has the liberty to express the thousand words without uttering even a single one. It offers a way of visual communication which not only depends on the pretty looks, but also on the representation style and what object is hidden behind the creation of the artwork. In fact, it has given the numerous ways for visual representation of ideas.

The world is changing with the changing technologies and gradually the use of brush and color is being replaced by the computer designing tools although the traditional art has its own essence. There are various advantages has been included with the integration of advance tools and technologies. It has provided a great medium to shape up the thoughts and experience. Now it is responsible for processing the visual data received from the real world or the virtual world. Rather, it can to create those objects and design which can’t be created in the real world. It does not put the limitations on the imaginations of the artist and they can draw anything and everything.

Technology driven graphic designing tools have brought multiple benefits to us and some of the benefits which make the document worthy are discussed below:


You can easily figure out the difference in every design which you’re creating with the help of tools. Unlike the traditional art here the smallest point will be very clear because traditional art puts the limitations as far as precision is concerned. The objects, dimensions, lines, grids, etc. can be put with perfection in the documents.


If the two documents, one is made by the hand and another is designed with the help of graphic designing software are compared the difference is clearly visible. The second document is more clear and impressive and score better to convey the thoughts designer is trying to put forward. The more technologies are transforming, designers are obtaining better results.


The output of the design depends on the execution of imaginations, but creativity is like the oxygen which imbibes the life into it. It completely depends on the imaginative skills of the designers that how unique they can think and in what way they organize and serve them on the white space. Designing tools offer a great range of possibilities which add excellence in the creativity of the artist.

Ability to change the thoughts into things

To create a unique and quality document it is the necessary aspect that you don’t have only thinking ability, but you should be capable of giving it the look and shape. It may be possible that you may think beyond the existing reality but what is the point if you can’t represent it. In fact a true and passionate artist can draw better what can be imagined and software applications to help them to bring their idea live. Technology tools are helping to actuate or change the thoughts into things.


Designing software give the flexibility to create, save and edit any image or media. In fact, you can develop multiple copies of the single document by changing its size, color, feel, etc. You can create a variety of designs with their wide range of tools and to do so, select the portion or object from the picture give it your desired touch. Moreover, they are very productive when you need to create similar kind of objects in various shapes and size.

In the coming next year, technology will continue to empower the abilities of the designers. It’ll help in planning and projecting ideas in the moving or still textual and visual content. They are the platform for them with immense possibilities to share their experience and communicate their ideas with the help of text and images. The technology has simplified and diversified the task of graphic designers, and now they can create digital visual media, save their original work and print it also. Ads in the newspapers or magazines, web pages are the visible examples of their work.

Graphic designers use the designing tools as a medium to convey what they think and experience with the help of text, objects and images with the motive to indulge the viewer in some kind of action. These tools are not only for commercial purpose rather they are the assistive hands for the artwork of the designers which help them to convey their emotions, represent their feeling, and presents the thought process of them.

Graphic Design Information

To make communication completely effective, use of visual communication aids is very essential. Graphic designing is an art and many talented people have made a successful profession out of it. It is an art of bonding images, texts, symbols, photographs, diagrams and colours to effectively communicate with the audience. A graphic designer encompasses the use of visual display of data and information, projection and expression, drawing and painting. It is an architectural delight where visual sequences are arranged in a structure and shape, that the resultant graphic designs, deliver a much more effective text statement.

To make communication meaningful, the joint force of the graphic design information by the designers and the words and content penned down by the writer enhances the standard of the communication and makes a powerful impact. The purpose of this is to arrange the information visually and to use the illustrations and typography in such a way, to make it more visually appealing. Various graphical elements are used, to help with the facilitation when converting thoughts into effective visualization and thus attract the attention of the watcher and supply an instant attraction. Graphic designing is being widely practiced in several fields of media.

Graphic design information helps to effectively distribute the message by utilizing graphics, signs, brochures, posters, logos and several other visual elements. The most important industries that encompasses the elements of graphics, include creative works like print, publication, digital media, websites, advertisement, animation, motion pictures, information signs, packaging and product design etc. They are quite purposeful and powerful and can effectively convey the message in an efficient and lucid way to all viewers. It can also include various imaginary drawings or a creative art. The advantages of using graphic design are to make it extremely easy for the viewers to understand a particular concept, in a clear way and make it interesting with the help of designs and visual aids.

They aid the viewers with reading the text and also help in enhancing the textual description. If one wants to explore more in this field, then it’s a must that they need to be technically innovative. Several software’s like adobe, page maker etc are easily available for users to try in advanced. Nowadays computers play a crucial role in the life of photographers, fine artists and designers. Graphic designing has emerged as a solo business in itself, that shelters thousands of artists within the world. With the help of this information one can efficiently combine the artistic skills and technical knowledge to fulfill the client’s need. However to make this aim, the designers often use several computer programs to generate designs and also draw with freehand to develop and deliver several visual display works. They often work in tandem with the editors and copy writers to deliver the best possible product to their clients.