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Finding The Right Music Act To Suit Your Individual Style

Weddings are no longer a formulaic tradition, following a set pattern of service and reception. Increasingly couples want their special day to reflect their personalities and highlight important events in their relationship so far or exciting times they have shared with the various guests attending. This can be shown in choices of table names, a photo board at the entrance to the reception, a colour scheme carried through in bridesmaid dresses, flowers and decorations or a theme that influences the cake design and wedding stationery. How can couples carry this individual theme through to the wedding entertainment so that every aspect of their day is unique to them? Let’s take a look at some of the wedding themes and styles that couples opt for today and explore the options open to them when choosing music to provide the background atmosphere and make sure their guests have a good time.

Starting with a ‘traditional’ wedding theme, the ceremony would perhaps take place in a local church accompanied by an organ and wedding bells or maybe a civil ceremony in the stately home where the reception is to be held with a harpist to create the appropriate formal mood as guests arrive and during ceremony. The same harpist or perhaps a string quartet could carry on the same formal yet relaxed atmosphere during the meal, with a livelier swing band for the evening entertainment.

For a couple wishing to give a slightly quirkier impression the same wedding service and venue would seem more contemporary with an acoustic guitarist during the service and reception and an indie band for the evening entertainment. In this way, everyone’s tastes can be catered for. Parents and grandparents will be more than happy with the formal surroundings and the music will suit the couple’s friends. For a similar compromise a traditional wedding breakfast could be teamed with a quirky evening buffet of takeaway-style food.

A couple who have enjoyed lots of travelling may wish to reflect that in a summer wedding. To keep costs down and therefore save money to put towards more travelling for the honeymoon, a service at a local church and a reception in the village hall would suit their needs. The hall could be decorated with fairy lights strung across the ceiling and plenty of candles in tealight holders and lanterns on the tables. A Caribbean-themed barbeque for the meal accompanied by a flamenco guitarist or tin band, with a soul band for the evening entertainment would get everyone in the summer vibe.

Some couples may like to opt for an alternative time of year to the popular summer wedding and could choose a winter wedding in a gothic castle with a red colour scheme picked out in flowers and decorations and cloaks for the bride and her attendants for a theatrical feel. Wedding entertainment to suit such a dramatic setting could include a harpist or string quartet for the service and reception, whilst a quirky live karaoke band would encourage guests to take centre-stage in the evening entertainment.

For couples who have an affinity with the coast imagine a beach or under-the-sea themed wedding with an accordionist playing sea shanty-inspired music for the service on a windswept beach and at the reception. For the evening entertainment a ceilidh band would get everyone on their feet. Beautiful sea blues and greens for the bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, stationery and decorations, with fish and chips in newspaper cones for an evening buffet and a mermaid and merman atop the wedding cake would complete the theme.

The Value of Corporate Entertainment

Providing value to clients and employees is not only limited to the accordance of financial and economic benefits, simple things or forms like corporate entertainment are great alternatives or complements. Contrary to conventions, such efforts may not only be used during corporate shows and big events but on almost all gatherings as well like regular sales meetings, corporate team buildings, seminars, trade shows, etc. There are a number of benefits when entertainment is induced in every corporate event, but the most pressing ones include the following.

Generate additional sales

Aside from the usual volume of sales generated through regular marketing efforts, product presentations and trade shows coupled with effective corporate entertainment can lure additional sets of clients or customers. Boring product or service presentations will surely be ignored in trade shows; on the other hand, an eye-catching comedy magician may have a livelier alternative in terms of presenting a product or service. In sales and marketing, drawing/calling attention from prospective clients and customers is the first step in closing a sale.

Improving relationships with clients and employees

Business matters are not totally serious matters. This is what successful and dynamic executives have proven recently, deviating from strict business conventions may eventually pay-off. Corporate entertainment may serve as a bridge between the company and a seemingly aloft and hard client. One valuable tip to gain the side or interest of a client is to touch or target his personal side. Targeting a client’s soft personal side most often would direct you to his or her childish or candid side. For example, if one of your corporate client’s business is about toys and gaming, light personal conversations concerning toys during a sales meeting will surely help.

Not only does a corporate entertainer helpful in improving relationships with clients but with employees as well. Aside from the monetary benefits that are regularly given to them, making each gathering or convention light, fun, and memorable would project a more “pro-employee” wellness commitment of any business or administration.

Enhances productivity and promotes learning

Psychologists and experts will prove that pure talk, technical, or “monotone” seminars and conferences are one of the most boring parts of a job, even if these events are held during trips or elsewhere. The average attention span of all individuals, even intellectuals are very short lasting for only a couple of minutes. If the conference or seminar speaker doesn’t recognize this fact and fails to induce lively corporate entertainment throughout the entire presentation, not much of the essential points are learned by the audience. Often times, the best way to teach is to deliver the lessons in a fun, unique, or memorable way.

Productivity may eventually come as a result of the improved working condition of employees in terms of making their stay in the company more fun and dynamic; That employees do not only carry the burden and work load, but also share with executives some congenial light moments.

Leaving a trade mark

With today’s very competitive business environment, even the smallest leverage that any business can have is an opportunity that needs to be seized. One important sales and marketing objective is customer service. And customer service is no longer limited to satisfying the needs of clients or customers, but it has now evolved and includes the ability of a business to offer additional benefits or be distinct and unique from its competitors, hence, corporate entertainment may set a product, service, or even the entire company above the competition.

Tips On Booking The Best Entertainment Talent Agency

When you host an event, particularly a business event, you want to make sure that you not only have the tasks associated with the business or core purpose of the event arranged to ensure success, but you also want to make sure that you have the best and most appropriate entertainment that your guests will enjoy. If you are having a difficult time trying to decide the best type of entertainment and where to secure the entertainment, you will greatly benefit from booking your entertainment using the services of an entertainment talent agency.

Booking the best entertainment agency means you will have the ability to select the entertainment for your event from a variety of different types of entertainment. When you book the best entertainment talent agency, you will be able to choose from such entertainers as: comedians, bands, musical tribute entertainers, celebrity impersonators, DJs, and more. The best entertainment agency will offer a variety of entertainers of different types and will assist you with choosing the best entertainment that blends well with your specific event.

Booking an entertainment agency is easy when you search the internet. When you look for an agency on the internet, you will be able to browse various entertainment agencies and review the services and types of entertainers they offer. You will get an idea of the costs and you will have their contact information so you can call or email them about the details of your event. They will then respond and provide you with more details about their agency and services and how they can help you.

The best entertainment agency will be easy to work with and understand your specific needs. They will listen to your wishes regarding your event and provide you with suggestions about the type of entertainment your specific guests will enjoy. The agency will also be more than willing to answer all of your questions and provide you with a price estimate. You can ask for references as well as find out how long they have been in the entertainment talent agency business. Also, when discussing your event, it is important to tell them your location so they can find the right entertainment for that particular event such as a big convention room, auditorium, or a smaller office type space. The best talent agency will provide the right entertainment to fit the theme of the event such as providing a comedian that delivers a clean non profanity comedic presentation. Understanding your guests is essential to getting the right entertainment for your event.

An entertainment talent agency can really help you get the right entertainment for your event. They can advise on the best entertainment that integrates well with the event, will help to rejuvenate attendees, and make the entire event much more enjoyable and memorable for the guests. When you hire an entertainment talent agency for your event, it will help ensure that the entertainment that you book makes the event a success. If you require entertainment services for your next event, consider booking an entertainment talent agency.

The Best Way to Find and Book Entertainment

So why use an entertainment agency to find what you are looking for? Well first it takes the hit and miss out of finding what you are looking for, a good entertainment agency has access to lots of different forms of entertainment and will save you the problem of locating it. Secondly a good entertainment agency lives on its reputation, so it is in their interest to make sure that the entertainment they supply is of good quality. As the saying goes, you are only as good as your last event. Imagine you are looking for a band, you can spend ages searching the net only to find that what you want is already booked, and searching can take hours, and do you have that time to spare? If you use the phone to contact entertainers and lets say contact 10 at an average of 3 minutes a call, that is 30 minutes of calls on your telephone bill, it may not seem much but it adds up especially if the contact number is a mobile one. And if you do manage to find what you are looking for how do you know it will be any good? Contacting a reputable entertainment agency takes away all the headaches, as they will do all the work for you.

There are things to bear in mind, a reputable agency has quality acts and services which will be in high demand, so make sure you start looking at least 3 months in advance of an event, don’t leave it until the last minute. Only contact one agency, many top quality agencies work with each other to source your needs, contacting 3 or 4 of them means they are duplicating work, time which could be spent on another client. If you were that other client ask yourself how you would feel, if the agency you were using had lost time they could have been using to help you. Running an entertainment agency we often used to get enquiries from people and start looking for their requirements only to have another agency contact us looking for the same thing for the same person. Nowadays we ask if any other agency is being used and if they are we polity refuse to waste time looking for the same thing, if we are told no other agency is involved and find out otherwise then we will drop the client. Many quality agencies act likewise, so you could find yourself back at square one or using a less than reputable entertainment agency.

The next question many people ask is how much will it cost, the answer is nothing unless you cancel, then you may have to pay a cancellation fee. An entertainment agency makes its money in the form of commission from the acts it represents, in other words they pay us for finding them the work. If you cancel the agency makes no commission, which pays for its time and effort on your behalf, therefore most agencies will make a cancellation charge, after all they have staff to pay just like any business. Similarly you might also have to pay a cancellation charge to an act or service in addition to the agency charge, if you have booked them then they are unable to take on other work for the date in question.

The other question is how long will it take? This can vary, many acts and services are registered with numerous agencies and don’t always keep them informed of availability, secondly each act will charge a fee depending on the factors of the event such as getting to it, possible overnight accommodation etc, so a reputable agency will make contact with them to find if they are available and at what cost. If an act or service is on holiday or working away it may take a while for them to get back to the agency, so allow for this. If you haven’t heard anything from an agency within 3 days then give them a call and ask for an update. A good agency will always tell you if they cannot find what you are looking for or if they have been unsuccessful. If that is the case then you can try another. Remember that with an agency you will get a contract, which will state all the relevant details, and you will have a legal document to give you peace of mind.

Remember entertainment agencies live to provide clients with a service, make use of it and save your time and a possible headache.

Making a Portrait Cast With Life Casting

Making a life cast of any part of the live human body is a complex and interesting project. However, a life cast cannot get more intricate, and therefore more enjoyable, as making a portrait cast.

This is a three dimensional cast of the head, shoulders and chest of a person and is also called a bust. It involves an elaborate and multifaceted process that calls for a lot of experience and skills. Life casting artists first try their hand at various life casts and make numerous face casts before even attempting to make a portrait casting!

How to do it?

Portrait casts require special care because the artist is making a mold of both the front and back of the model’s face. They have to carefully capture the exact shape and dimensions of the nose, ears, eyes and chin. Extra caution is required so as not to disturb or harm the model in any manner whatsoever.

Generally, alginate is the mold making material of choice for life casts. It has to be reinforced with a shell mold of cheese cloth and plaster bandages that will make the mold firm and enable it to retain its shape.

Numerous challenges arise on the horizon – from keeping the nostrils open to applying the mold material around the eye areas and more. The artist has to watch out for air pockets, carefully replicate the hair and much more.

The model has to stay calm and relaxed throughout the process because any kind of negative expression or disturbance will be clearly visible in the mold.

Demolding from the model is relatively easy and inserting a finger or simply wiggling the face will do the trick. The face mold has to be corrected, finished and cleaned properly before moving ahead.

The back of the head, neck and shoulders also have to be similarly captured in body molds. It is a multipart mold with the various parts being carefully joined together to form a complete mold of the upper part of the body.

Moving to the casting, it can be done with plaster, polyurethanes or silicone rubber. This has to be done soon as the alginate mold tends to shrink with time. It can even get distorted. Once a thick coat of the casting material is applied properly into all the nooks and crevices of the mold, it should be left to cure properly. The cast will have to be backfilled with foam or other filler to get the desired feel and weight. Then comes the task of sculpting the eyes, hair and finishing the cast. Later on, the finished bust can be cast in stone or even in metal in a foundry.

In sum, making a portrait cast – be it with plaster or polyurethanes – is a challenging and fascinating project. The person (or family) will treasure it forever and then some more!